Lens of Reading

This magical lens allows you to read any language.


Lens of Reading
Level 7 Uncommon

Holding this lens to your eye allows you to read even the most complex scripts and obscure languages.

Price: 2,600 gp
Wondrous Item
Power (Daily): Standard Action. Use this power while perusing text written in a language you do not know. For 1 hour, you can read that language as long as you hold the lens of reading.

Special: You can activate the lens of reading in place of the required component cost for a Comprehend Languages ritual.


The Lens of Reading was created by the Ancients and was stored in the Library of Tem. Recently, it was discovered by forces working for Karakat, a rogue member of the Church of Asmodeus who intended to use this to read the secrets held within the Book of Borean, which is written in Ancient Orcavian.

Lens of Reading

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