Karakat Letter

This letter was written by Karakat to his soldiers in Kolet.



It is time. You must gather our forces at Kolet). I have the Content Not Found: book-of-borean_, and have mastered the Ritual of Blood Summons. I will cast it this Bloodtide; you must be ready by then. Content Not Found: vesilduur_ and Content Not Found: inkatum are busy in Arkhosia and will not be able to mount an effective counterstrike without losing all they have gained there.

My Legionnaires at Tem have discovered the Content Not Found: lens-of-reading_, and it will soon be in my hands. You and I are the only two in Darend with knowledge of Ancient Orcavian, and once we have the Content Not Found: lens-of-reading_, no one else will be able to challenge us. The knowledge of the Content Not Found: book-of-borean will be ours alone, and it is only a matter of time before we discover the locations of the Relics of the Ancients. Soon we will be the chosen of Asmodeus.


Karakat Letter

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