Glutton's Teeth

Glutton’s Teeth is a torture den for the followers of Torog. It is significantly closer to the surface than any of Torog’s other torture dens.

Glutton’s Teeth is ringed by 5 gigantic stalagmites. A massive wall made of bone, 50’ high and growing, is set between these stalagmites, with the exception of the narrowest opening which acts as an entrance into the torture den. Hanging between these stalagmites are thousands of feet of spiked chains, and attached to the chains are bodies of both the living and the dead. Within the courtyard, tall pillars have been built with spiked chains wrapped around them; the bodies of the living and dead are also attached here.

Glutton’s Teeth itself is a sprawling stone fortress. From the main courtyard, a staircase leads up 3 stories. At each story there is a wide plaza that interrupts the staircase, and the staircase changes direction at these locations, like a switch-back. This makes it easy for archers above to fire down on intruders making their way up the stairs.

Within the fortress there are several rooms and small temples, as well as individual torture dens. Two rooms of note: the Grand Hall acts as a conduit to Torog himself and is a means of communicating directly with him; the Grand Temple is a location where victims are tortured and the energies their agony gives off fuels dark rituals.

Glutton’s Teeth is lead by Zeramus, a Wrackspawn and Hierophant of Torog.

Glutton's Teeth

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