Council of the Sun

Journey to Glutton's Teeth

The PCs found themselves on top of the wall surrounding Daer Carrow, standing face-to-face with the angry Content Not Found: skalmad, and looking down over a retreating force from Glutton’s Teeth.

Though it seemed that a battle was imminent, Bardryn offered to resurrect Content Not Found: skalmad_ brother, Content Not Found: dumaarg_. Using up the party’s Content Not Found: scroll-of-raise-dead_, they brought _Content Not Found: dumaarg back to life. Content Not Found: skalmad was grateful, and in return, he told them about a back entrance to Glutton’s Teeth. He warned that it was guarded by a sinister monstrosity from the Deeps, and that none had ever made it past the creature.

He also gave the PCs until night to leave his city, with the warning that they would be killed if they returned before they had taken down Glutton’s Teeth.

The PC’s journeyed across the Howling Warrens, seeking to find this back entrance to Glutton’s Teeth. After three days they found this entrance.

The party moved slowly into the dark cave, sending Valag on ahead to scout with his darkvision. Eventually he found the back entrance, and the found the great beast Content Not Found: skalmad had spoken of.

Resembling a pill bug but on a giant scale, the creature was easily 20’ long. It had many long tentacles coming out of its head, which slammed the PCs and crushed them in its grip. However, the PCs managed to make it past the beast and open the iron portcullis that blocked entry into Glutton’s Teeth. This was the end of the adventure.



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