Council of the Sun

Glutton's Teeth

Part 1

The party was attacked and Hrugga was almost captured by the guardian of Glutton’s Teeth; however, the PCs closed the portcullis, severing the beats tentacle and freeing her.

The Party delved through the unholy temple in a specialized skill challenge. Eventually, after slowly moving through the dungeon halls, they reached mess hall were three townsfolk were about to be served up for dinner!

They killed all of the feasters, and rescued Angelo the Chef, Jester and Nurse Annis from a certain and horrific end.

The party continued making their way through the halls of Glutton’s Teeth, and eventually Hrugga came into the temple’s great hall. There, she heard Hierophant Zeramus talking with Inquisitor Kitharna, Priestess Inil’Ilivynda Baenre and Great Old Master Indrani. She learned that Inquisitor Kitharna was still actively searching for the PCs that had escaped Dog’s Rest, and that Hierophant Zeramus was expecting the PCs to make their way to Glutton’s Teeth. Also, they learned that Priestess Inil’Ilivynda Baenre was seeking her Drow son who had been in captivity but escaped recently when the caravan he was transporting had been attacked.

Inquisitor Kitharna was offered half of the Dog’s Rest townsfolk, and so the PCs rushed off to intercept these prisoners before it was too late.

On their way, they discovered a room with an intricately designed door made of gold and gems, worth a fortune. They opened the door and entered, seeing there was a chest inside. The chest was filled with gold and items of magic, but also unleashed a powerful trap. The PCs survived this and continued on their way.


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