15 years ago, Dog’s Rest was a sleepy, peaceful place. A small town just inside the northern border of the Kingdom of Darend, Dog’s Rest is named thus because it was the site of a breeding program for an intelligent, powerful and loyal breed of working dog used the world over. It was a good place to live, and you all grew up in and around this town.

15 years ago, Dog’s Rest was a wonderful place to live. 15 years ago, that all ended.

One hundred leagues to the South East, the Orcavian Empire resides, separated from the Kingdom of Darend by the Great Central Range, a vast mountain range that separates most of the Western kingdoms from the Eastern lands. Though a few difficult passes exist that allow some measure of trade, it was long considered too difficult to march an army through, and thus Darend took little effort in defending its Eastern border.

The attack came suddenly, with only a day’s warning from the Dwarves of Great Sunder, allies of Darend who live deep under the Great Central Range. The Dwarves had discovered that their cousins, the Duergar, had dug a tunnel all the way under the Great Central Range, and that the Orcavian Empire was marching a vast army through this tunnel.

The fighting was fierce, but the Kingdom of Darend was little prepared for a fight of this magnitude. Within a month, the entire Kingdom was subjugated.

Today, Dog’s Rest is a terrible place. Orcavian Legionnaires patrol the streets, abusing any citizen who gives them cause. All forms of magic and religion have been outlawed, as have weapons and armor. These are all punishable by death, which is usually meted out immediately by the Legionnaires, right out in public. The citizens of Dog’s Rest are heavily taxed, as are all in the Kingdom of Darend. A constant state of fear engulfs the average person. The Legionnaires routinely rape and torture citizens, in what they call “Rehabilitation”. The dogs who gave Dog’s Rest its name have all been butchered and served at the dinner tables of the commanding officers of the Legionnaires.

The Council of the Sun was formed 3 years ago by the wealthiest merchant in town, Persimit. This secret society has but a single mission: to find some way to overthrow their Orcavian overlords and return freedom to the Kingdom of Darend.

Over time, the council has grown from its first founding members. In addition to Persimit, two other merchants have joined the cause; Delenet and Val’Den. Their combined wealth has helped fund your activities. The rest of the Council is made up of the PCs, who perform the more dangerous acts for the Council. You are the only hope for the future of Dog’s Rest, and perhaps all of Darend.

Council of the Sun

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